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“The sun is brighter here, as well as the stars are shinier, the storm clouds are darker, the thunderstorms are ghastlier, the smells are headier and the contrasts are sharper. Even the thorn is pricklier, the tree is harder, the people are firmer and the animals are stronger. In brief, the pulse of life beats more energetically here. And this is what makes Africa so considerable, attracting people from all over the world and taking back those who had ever tasted it…”
– Zsigmond Széchenyi, 1928

Kenya is maybe one of the most exciting places in world. Travellers return home with unforgettable memories and wish to come back again soon. We are some Hungarian people, living in this wonderful place, who have decided to help those of you who would like to get to know this unique and exotic world. For this, we established a Kenyan Travel Agency, the so-called Jambo Rafiki Travel Services.

During the years we have spent here, we have obtained a lot of experiences and connections. Based on these, we made a selection of the most reliable accommodations, Safaris and all the other programs that we can recommend even to the most exacting traveller. We have shaped our suggestions to contain favorable offers as well as luxurious experiences. Our presence guarantees that the holiday will be carefree and ensures that the travellers will be guided to places where the travel agencies cannot take them to.

We also welcome those who arrive to Kenya on their own, or with another travel agency. We can offer tested and adventurous programs for them as well.




  • Complete visa processing for Kenya
  • Comprehensive travel administration
  • Accommodation booking
  • Safari
  • Special programs
  • Airport transfer
  • Guiding in Hungarian
  • Unique programs


  • We can help on the spot in Hungarian
  • We show you the real Kenya – not just the standard tourist scenic spots
  • We cooperate only with reliable and tested accommodation and tourist service providers
  • We have the best prices in Kenya
  • We can accomplish special and unique requests

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