The disco is something quite different here, in Africa. It is really African, a really luxurious experience.

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The disco is something quite different here, in Africa. It is really African, a really luxurious experience. The night life of Diani is defined by two places of amusement. The Tanduri is open 25/7 and functions as pub in the daytime.

Real night life begins at around 11 P.M. There are no tickets, the whole place is open-air, and so we can enjoy the cool ocean breeze while admiring local people’s dancing knowledge.  After midnight, the place becomes full and most guests go to the Shakatak. Here begins real night life for a minimal cost of ticket.

That is how we felt:

You go into the room, simple decoration, not the most modern light techniques but it does not matter. You look around and see muzungus (white people), muhindis (Indian people), young and old people and a lot of smiling faces. Music is on, not the best sound techniques but you are having a good time. You listen to world music, look at people, your hand gets wet of the cold and steamy beer bottle. You feel hot but you do not feel low. There are several people in the middle of the room, the crowd is milling. You think they are getting tired. It is 2 A.M. Suddenly everything gets quiet and the music changes. Another style from another dj. Big Boy has just arrived. You do not know this kind of music but it is getting closer to you. You do not move; just see that the crowd is in the middle of the room. This is African music. You begin to understand and open your chakras and let the music in. The tracks are following one another; Luo, Kikuyu, Somalian, Ugandan, Kenyan. The stoutly built dj sings into the song. He does not have a good voice but it is perfect, so you are waiting for that harsh voice again… An unfamiliar feeling is starting to spread. You are standing, do not understand it. Your feet are moving; the music is in your stomach embracing your mind, stoking your soul. And you are happy with those hundreds of people around you feeling the same. The music is rushing, the thousands of four-fourth is rolling in your body. You are looking out of you and feel that this is their world. The melodies are about their happiness and they can enjoy it. They live for it as no one else in the world; happily and with a full heart.

That is how it happened…


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