Mombasa’s old district is located on an island. After Nairobi, it is the second biggest city of Kenya.

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Mombasa’s old district is located on an island. After Nairobi, it is the second biggest city of Kenya. It is connected to the mainland with a bridge in the northerly direction and with a ferryboat, transporting walkers and vehicles as well, in the southerly direction. Its harbor is the biggest and busiest in East and Central Africa.

Sights in Mombasa (without completeness):

Elephant choppers, which were built along Moi Avenue in 1952 by King George during the colonial period in honor of Queen Elizabeth.

Akamba, one of the biggest handworker factories, where they make ornaments of wood. It is a fair trade based plant initiating visitors to the lives of workers and sell beautiful objects with fixed prices.

Indian church, where Hinduism is introduced with the names of Lord Swaminarayan and Lord Rama as well. (Lord Swaminarayan framed a good relationship with the British imperial government, its followers and also the Hindu denomination, and the representatives of Islam and Zoroastrianism.)

Fort Jesus, was built in 1593 by a Portuguese architecture, countermarking Goa style. Later (1947) the government made it into a prison during the British colonial period. It was called Fort Jesus because Portuguese were Christian and sailed under a Jesus flag. They handled the defence of the city from this place and because of its geographical location; they controlled the harbor of Mombasa from here too.

The traveler can also explore Mombasa’s old district, walk in the narrow streets and visit the old harbor where the remains of old Arabian ships can be found. Close to one of the oldest mahindry mosques, the old harbor can be explored as well. We continue our walk on the market where we can get to know the exotic spices, vegetables, fruits and the selling style of different merchants. We can have lunch in the middle of Mombasa, in the Tamarind restaurant which was built in the northern coast of the Indian Ocean and has a patinated past.

After lunch, a pleasant program can be walking in the Haller Park, where we can feed giraffes and be the witnesses of the feeding of crocodiles and hippos. This private sanctuary is the property of Dr Haller. During our walk, we can also see Casuarinas bamboo and eucalyptus trees. These animals are harmless and live in paradisiacal spirit because there is enough food and water for them. This park gives home to buffaloes, hartebeests, antelopes, giraffes, oryxes, snakes, crocodiles, hippos, turtles and numerous kinds of bird species.


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