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The itinerary contains:

Taking off from Vienna and travelling to Nairobi through Athens on September 2nd, 2014.

  • Day 2: In the early hours, arrival to Nairobi, where the vans with openable roofs are already waiting for us to leave for Amboseli National Park. Lunch at the quarters, at Amboseli Sentrim Camp, then after a short break, following wild animals to continue the adventures. Dinner and accommodation at the camp.

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One of the 2015 year's favorite, 

The itinerary contains: 8 days, 7 nights one of the most beautiful sand-beaches of Africa, called Diani Beach, in Baobab Beach Resort, with all inclusive board and a one day long Safari.

The itinerary contains:

  • A lunch in Tsavo East National Park
  • Mineral water consumption in the car during the Safari
  • Park tickets and travel expenses
  • A 15 minutes long phone call from a local telephone to your home
  • A visit to the village
  • A visit to the orphanage

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For climbers with an adventurous spirit and in handy physical conditions, a trek up Kilimanjaro is the experience of a lifetime. No climbing skills are required to reach the summit. The porter carries your gears. Carry water, camera and anything else you will need close at hand.


Having a Safari in Kenia – occurs in the first places of many bucket lists. It is hard to put this experience in words; the wild animals of the savanna meet the unique and beautiful scenery, making a perfect harmony. The traveler can feel the ancient impulses; the spectacle, the colors and the fragrances brings us back to the times before civilization, when everything came into the world, lived and gave its place to the new generation in an ancient rhythm. The wild is in no way similar to anything; all our senses can feel its power and dignity, which cannot be experienced in anywhere else, but the black continent.

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Kenia is a real paradise for photographers. You do not have to be a pro to make breath-taking pictures of nature and animals.

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“The sun is brighter here, as well as the stars are shinier, the storm clouds are darker, the thunderstorms are ghastlier, the smells are headier and the contrasts are sharper. Even the thorn is pricklier, the tree is harder, the people are firmer and the animals are stronger. In brief, the pulse of life beats more energetically here. And this is what makes Africa so considerable, attracting people from all over the world and taking back those who had ever tasted it…”
– Zsigmond Széchenyi, 1928

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One of the most beautiful white-sanded beaches in Africa is Diani Beach. At the coast of the turquoise ocean, encircled with coral reefs, elegant hotels, restaurants and cozy beach bars are saluting the guests, desirous of resting and relaxing.

The weather is nice and sunny the whole year, the temperature is between 27 and 32 degrees in the daytime and between 22 and 25 degrees in the dawn, with high humidity. At the coast, it is always windy, which makes the average temperature of 28 degrees even more pleasant. The ocean is around 27 degrees warm, its salinity is low.

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